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Campaign Management

Our services include canvassing, phone banking, press releases, graphic design and web development.

Focus Groups

We identify specific types of voters and tailor our message to them, for the most optimal voting system.

Data Analysis

We are exclusively partnered with Callahan Data Science LLC, who use data analysis to improve campaign effectiveness. Callahan brings 21st century data science to provide solutions to politicians and the world of public policy.

Lean Campaign Model

We target an audience and shift as the likely voters' attitudes and opinions shift during the campaign, rapidly focus grouping new issues when they arise and tailoring the candidates message accordingly. 



We help the best candidates win by combining proficient political
campaign strategy with current and innovative trial advocacy research.


As political advisers, we will never guess about a message. We employ measurement tools including over 50 types of focus groups. Our structured focus groups gauge voters’ responses to substantive messages, television commercials, flyers, signs, billboards, and even appearance and personality. We work with leading creative designers to present focus groups with multiple variations of visual material and explore in depth what works and what does not. By engaging multiple focus groups, we determine what messaging and delivery system is most likely optimal.

America needs its best leaders!

Our country is experiencing a unique time in history and we look towards candidates who will stand up for the disenfranchised.


 Meyers & Washington Political Consultants help the ideal candidate win by blending best practices political campaign strategy with the most recent and innovative trail advocacy research. 



David Elliot Washington
Co-Founder, Principal Partner
Steven M Meyers


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Frecklefoot Creative Inc

Creative Design Partner

Lamonte Gwynn
Lamonte G Photography

Expression Coach™

Phillip Toledo

Meyers & Washington, LLC

Chief Strategist



J & Washington LLC

Data Partner

Victoria Rampersad 
Door To Door I-4 Inc 

Field Operations Partner

Ramces Rouzard


Videography Partner




Campaign Management


Strategic planning is supported by  our exclusive partners who provide services which include, however not limited to, data analysis, fundraising, digital and traditional canvassing, phone banking, communications, social media, graphic design, and print services.

Focus Groups

J & Washington LLC, our exclusive provider of our focus groups, identifies likely voters and tailors our message to them. This assists in determining the most optimal outcome of your campaign.

Data Analysis
Meyers & Washington is exclusively partnered with J & Washington LLC, who use data analysis to improve campaign effectiveness. J & Washington LLC brings 21st Century analysis to provide solutions to the uncertainties of politics and its world of public policy.
Lean Campaign Model

Meyers & Washington uses project management to target an audience and adapt as likely voters' attitudes and opinions shift during the campaign, rapidly focus grouping new issues when they arise, and tailor the candidate's message accordingly. 



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